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Install Python 3

  1. Download the newest version of Python 3 from the Python website: \
  2. Run the Python3 installer. \ Make sure to tick all the extra developer options for Windows!
  3. Test that you have the correct version of Python using python --version \ This test is different for each computer.


  • Install Python 3
  • Check the installation from the command line

Install Visual Studio Code

Download VS Code from

It's important to note that Visual Studio Code is different from Visual Studio.

  • Visual Studio is used for building complex server apps or desktop apps.
  • Visual Studio Code is used for building lightweight websites or web apps.

Both are used in the IT industry, but for different purposes. Visual Studio is most often used by backend developers using Microsoft languages and frameworks like C# and .Net, and these developers often have additional requirements such as managing multiple projects at a time, integrating with databases, or running automated tests. Visual Studio has a lot of functionality built in and has many configuration options.

Visual Studio Code is usually referred to as VS Code to reduce confusion. VS Code is usually used by website developers who write HTML, CSS and JavaScript or by people writing small projects using scripting languages and frameworks such Python, JavaScript and NodeJS. VS Code doesn't offer a lot of functionality by default, instead it lets you just install the plugins that you need for your specific projects.

The two apps are both made by Microsoft and both can handle most languages you'll come across in education, but in general it's less overwhelming to start with VS Code and only move to Visual Studio if you have a need. Visual Studio is usually free for education purposes, but VS Code is free for everyone, including industry use.


  • Install VS Code